New KISW PD Insists on Being #1

stredicke-headerJune 26, 1977 – Bill Bartlett, new program director at KISW, promises more “consistency” and some new features designed to make the station. “Number one, not just number one, 18 to 34.”
From Jacksonville, Florida, Bartlett believes Pacific Northwest listeners are interested in more than just music, so he plans station promotions involving sports and hobbies.
Bartlett will begin a 3 p.m. air shift next week. He said few staff changes are planned, except maybe to add one more announcer.
Phil Harper the parts from KBIQ this week as the station prepares to change format again. Harper, doing a personality morning show in relative obscurity said he will return to being “the world’s only unlisted freelance announcer.”
Each time Harper gets an air shift, he opts not to have his telephone number published. When he’s looking for work, he wishes his number was available.
KBIQ, under new program director Rich Germaine, will convert to a kind of “Christian contemporary” station committed to the KOMO-KIXI-type of listener. There will be a new staff of FM announcers and a reduction in secular information features. Traffic, time checks and Ed Hume, however, continue.
Coby McCloud, formerly at KJR, has become music director and afternoon disc jockey at the new KYTE Portland. That’s the former KOIN FM.

Mission Impossible: Personality Jock Programs “More Music” Station


Buzz Barr was one of the best on-air ‘personality’ jocks to ever grace the KING 1090 microphone. But, at a time when the methodology used to win ratings meant “play the music and shut up,” Barr’s strengths, as Program Director, were not being tapped. Under different circumstances, at a different station, things may have gone well.