KFI Peeve Department

KFI old adSeptember 5, 1926 –The Peeve Editor at station KFI Los Angeles, daily receives a bag full of mail from that large portion of the populace which has aversions and things petty and great which annoy them. Many persons seem to welcome the opportunity to “get a load off their chests” and they loudly decry the conditions which bring about such things as short ice-poundage, traffic tie-ups, torn-up pavements, the servant problem, prohibition enforcement, prohibition violation, too much talking on the KFI Midnight Frolic, too much music on the Frolic, static, taxes, politics, religion, weather and radio voices pleasant and unpleasant.
According to the Peeve Editor, the new department is doing a great service to the public at large in affording an outlet for pent-up emotions before they become what the Freudians call inhibitions or suppressed desires. The volume of correspondence is steadily increasing, and many helpful suggestions are being received on how to run the nation in general and radio stations in particular.

New Station For Seattle

November 16, 1926 — A net increase last week of five broadcasting stations in the United States was reported today by the Department of Commerce, bringing the total number of broadcasters to a new high record of 610. Seven new stations were licensed during the week and two were officially dropped from the government role.
Of the seven new stations, only one chose to go above the Class “A” bands for a wavelength, station KGD I, of the Northwest Radio Service Company at Seattle which will operate on 416.4 meters, a channel already in use at WCCO Minneapolis St. Paul; WCRW Chicago, and WBDR Rossville New York. The location of the plant, however, is expected to prevent serious interference with the other users of the wavelength.

stations currently operating in Seattle KFOA, KOMO, KJR, KTW, KGBS, KFQW, KMO-Tacoma.

KJR FM Format Change Coming

kjrfmA change is on the horizon at Clear Channel Classic Rock 95.7 KJR-FM Seattle. A few weeks after 957TheSound.com was registered by Clear Channel Vice President of Programming Andrew Jeffries and Y957FM.com was registered by the company, Clear Channel has registered five additional domains clearly pinpointing KJR-FM as the intended destination for a change: 957TheJet.com, 957TheJetSeattle.com, Seattles957TheJet.com, TheJet957.com, and TheJetSeattle.com.

Read more at: http://radioinsight.com/blog/headlines/netgnomes/89456/clear-channel-prepping-for-seattle-takeoff/

Gertrude The Disc Jockey

Little known fact: before he was Gertrude, he was on KUOW . . .
Fabulous Bob Newman—better known around Seattle as Gertrude, girlfriend/sidekick of TV clown J.P. Patches—visited today by broadcasting greats Pat Cashman and John Maynard. Bob was a student at the University of Washington in the 1950s when he began his broadcasting career on KUOW 94.9 FM.
Bob Newman Pat Cashman John Maynard

[Courtesy of Feliks Banel]