New KZOK PD from Chicago

radio notes_smJuly 1979 – Armand Chianti has been named program director of KZOK, bringing with him a background in album-oriented rock stations in Elgin, Rockford and Chicago Illinois. Chianti has already introduced several new announcers and released such KZOK regulars as Leroy Henry and Ron Chavis.

Robert Wikstrom manager of KXA, has been granted an equity position and named a vice president of Brent-Ru Inc., licensee of KXA. He was appointed to a similar position with the Great American Radio Corporation affiliated Brent-Ru firm which owns the new KCKO Spokane. Brent Larson is president and chief operating officer of both radio stations; Rune Goranson is chairman of both station’s Board of Directors both stations are also seeking the right to broadcast 24 hours. KXA has also had an application in to increase its power to 50,000 Watts

Ric Hansen has been named manager of stations operations at KTAC Tacoma. Previously KTAC program director, Hansen has also been named director of Contemporary Programming for Entercom Inc., KTAC’s parent company.
One of the challenges the new promotion brings is to revitalize an Entercom radio station in San Francisco. Hansen hopes to develop the Spanish-language ethnic music station into his Spanish rock format.

Since it is a sport you seldom hear on radio, it may take a bit of imagination to follow the bouncing balls at Wimbledon later this week on KAY0. The station will carry live coverage of the Wimbledon tennis tournament on a special radio network established by Robert Horowitz, broadcast entrepreneur. KAYO will offer delayed coverage of the women’s finals, at 6 PM Friday, but will offer live coverage of the men’s finals at 6 o’clock Saturday morning.

March 1949 – KXRO Aberdeen Deejay Dale Gunderson started a local craze for a Scandinavian disk, “Johnny Johnson’s Wedding” on the Harmony Music label…July 1955 – Bill Shine, KLAN Renton, now has a seven-hour record show from 8 p.m. to 1 a.m. every night.

Sinatra special

sinatraradio notes_smDecember 23, 1979 -Three hours reviewing the life and music of Frank Sinatra are to be presented at 2 o’clock Wednesday, Thursday and Friday afternoon on KQIN. The feature includes Sinatra’s reminisces about the bands, the musicians he has worked with and the high-and low-points of his 40-year career. Host for the syndicated feature is Sid Marks, Philadelphia radio personality. Marks has done a “Saturday Night With Sinatra” radio program in Philadelphia for years and is considered an expert on Sinatra.

July 1, 1979
Just to show you how long Ted Garlatz has been in KOMO’s Air Patrol, it was before there was a freeway. Garlatz says little has changed in 15 years, except that there is much better technical equipment. Monday morning, a variety of dignitaries and friends will use KOMO airwaves to honor their friendly sky-bound companion.

New morning personality at KTAC is J. J. Regan, from Syracuse New York. He is KTAC’s replacement for Don Wade, who left broadcasting a couple of months ago for the wilds of Longbranch, Pierce County. J. J. (First name John–“the J. J. Is mostly the program director’s idea”) has a stable of character voices, most of whom manage to engage J. J. In conversation through preproduction techniques. Regan has spent all of his radio career in New York State. He and his family moved into an apartment supplied by the station, but are looking for a home of their own. Unfortunately Regan first relied on the advice of KTAC’s bombastic news man, Chuck Boland, who suggested he go out and “get himself lost, just to learn the city.” J. J. told his listeners that in one such encounter, he ended up in a part of town where his wife got some incredibly cheap jewelry, he watched some flickering movies and his daughter got a tattoo.

April 1955 – Bill Fanning left KTNT AM 1400 for a job in TV and Hal Wills took over the morning show at the Tacoma radio station…May 1955 – KTNT TV signed a 2-year deal to broadcast Gene Autry/Roy Rogers films from MCA-TV…October 1954 – KING DJ Gil Henry hears lots of chatter from other DJs on the most played records for the past week and their picks for the week. “Of course this is expensive, but the results have been more than we ever expected. Reaction has been electric and exceedingly gratifying. I call one jockey east of the Mississippi and one west of the Mississippi daily.” He also calls four local stores a day and polls them on their top selling record for the day and top selling album. Henry records this information and plays the taped interview back, with the record and track from their top selling album. Henry says this adds a lot to the stature of his show…November 1957 – WFBM, Indianapolis, welcomed new jock Bob Hardwick, formerly with KDYL and KTVT, Salt Lake City, with an all out publicity campaign, including an entrance thru the streets of Indianapolis, in a 1932 car. Hardwick wore a raccoon coat for the auto trek…

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