Stereo excites Seattle listeners, and set manufacturers

Stereo demonstrationJuly 1961
Personalities on the radio in Seattle.

KVI 570- Hardwick, Dave Clark, John Carver, Buddy Webber, Lee Lucas and Don Fuhrmann [Dick Keplinger-news]
KIRO 710- Jim French, Jack Spencer, Dave Ballard, Lowell Thomas News, Arthur Godfrey, Gary Moore, Rosemary Clooney & Bing Crosby
KUDY 910- Bob Carmichael, Steve Wray, Tom Lewis and Glenn Brooke
KJR 950- Lee Perkins, J. Walter Beethoven, Terry Rose, Pat O’Day, Dick Curtis and Les Williams
KOMO 1000- Keith Jackson, Bruce Vanderhoof, Gil Henry and Katherine Wise, Rainiers Baseball and Alex Dreier news and commentary.
KING 1090- Frosty Fowler, Buzz Lawrence and Dick Guthrie
KAYO 1150- Al Cummings, Bob Fleming & Ed Kelly
KOL 1300- Chuck Ellsworth, John Stone, Ray Hutchinson, Art Simpson, Ron Bailie and Jerry Kay
KFKF 1330- Jim McGavick, Jay Ward and Dick Stokke
KTIX 1590- Jack Hemingway, Russ Norman and Marc Hayes

KLSN FM 96.5 begins Multiplex Stereophonic broadcasting, receiving an enthusiastic response from local listeners who had stereo receivers. Later in the year, KETO 101.5 and KGMJ 95.7 expect to provide stereo broadcasts. Manufacturers of stereo receivers believe this is the beginning of a boom in set sales– the biggest since the advent of television. FM sets now in use will continue to receive the stations in monaural sound with special adaptors available to upgrade to stereo reception.

STEREO Sound Demonstration

[audio link] KPUG – Norm Gregory with Steve West

The Righteous Brothers Show appeared on the Western Washington State College campus (in Carver Gym) on May 4, 1967. Steve West, KPUG morning man called Norm Gregory, KPUG evening jock with a report on the concert.

Thanks to Marc Taylor for pointing this one out. [Talk about rare audio] Marc Taylor had only recently come to KPUG at the time of this recording, from his first radio gig, in the great Metropolis of McMinnville, Or. [KMCM]


KQDE Jingle – 1960



From Wally Nelskog’s KQDE, circa 1960, is this jingle “16 Tunes”. It was shared with me from a friend and I think is a real rarity. It is from an acetate disc.

Duane Smart

*KQDE preceded KIXI, Nelskog’s Beautiful Music station at 910 which later moved to 880. Yeah, Wally got tired of Rock & Roll.

KQDE “16 Tunes” 1960