Comment re-post: Tom Read on KLAY stereo broadcasting

KLAY FM did add stereo but the first stereo broadcasts KLAY did was FM-FM stereo with KTWR. Branham HiFi in Tacoma was selling some 7 inch stereo music tapes and had several half track reel to reel tape machines that would play them in stereo. To try to help promote the sales of his tape machines and pre-recorded stereo tapes, Chuck Branham, who was a steady KTWR FM listener in his store, asked me if there was some way we could combine with some other station and do a weekly or daily stereo music show. I told Chuck that we had just put KLAY on the air for Clay Huntington and his transmitter and small studio were directly adjacent to mine at KTWR in the Peck Building. The best way to show off the quality of his tape machines and the pre-recorded stereo tapes would be to put the left channel output of the tape machine on KTWR and we would run a wire around the corner with the right channel output and put it on KLAY.

It is amazing how good it sounded. It sold FM receivers and stereo tape machines for Chuck Branham. Stereo FM had not been authorized by the FCC at the time so this was the first stereo FM-FM broadcast in Tacoma. Because he was so impressed with how our KTWR-KLAY stereo sounded, Clay later installed FM stereo after it was authorized by the FCC.

That is why and how KLAY became an early stereo FM station.

Tom Read
Northwest Pioneer Broadcasters

Police Blotter 1981

Found this on an old cassette given to me by a friend.
It’s Gary Lockwood and B.R. Bradbury in one of their “Police Blotter” episodes on KJR from 1981. Must apologize that it’s scoped because of some poor audio quality (probably recorded from an external radio speaker). But it’s a memorable hoot…Running time: about 3:30

– Ron DeHart