Magnet school broadcast on student station

April 25, 1977–The Seattle school district radio station, KNHC,will broadcast today and tomorrow’s Magnet School Meetings, at 7:30 p.m. both nights. The remote broadcast from Eckstein Middle School will be handled by broadcast students at Nathan Hale High school.

Other radio features tonight:
7:00 Theater of the Mind (KVI): Screen Guild Theater’s version of the 1946 movie “Barbary Coast.”Also, Jack Benny Show.
11:00 Mad Man Moskowitz (KRAB): Sort of a local weekly version of the departed Dr. Demento show. Rare and bizarre phonograph records of the past 70 years.

KTAC Beautiful Music debut

KLSN Considers Monaural Future

stredicke headerFebruary 26, 1967 – Seattle’s Pioneer stereo FM station is considering an end to stereo broadcasting.
“We don’t like to consider it, really,” Courtland Clark, general manager of KLSN said. “But we are in our eighth year of broadcasting at a loss. And on top of the mounting bills, the Federal Communications Commission is going to require new monitoring equipment for stereo stations which we cannot afford.”
To solve its problems, the station is conducting an intensive subscription drive for its program guide – a slim, 32-page monthly, which costs $3.50 a year.
Clark admits boxing himself in on the financial matter: “We are still one of the FM stations which restricts itself in number of commercials.”
What Clark is unable to explain is why it takes a publishing venture to make a profit for radio station.
“We make money on the program guide because we do it all ourselves–my wife and I–often into the small hours of the morning,” he said.
KLSN reflects the same tenacious stubbornness. Several years ago. The station expanded its air time, playing showtunes and classical music 18 hours a day.
Abruptly the station cut back to an eight-hour-a-day operation.
“Sponsors weren’t available for that kind of music in the daytime,” Clark explained.
When the airtime increased again, the popular music segments in the daytime were billed as the “new KLSN” and the evening concerts, jazz programs, Opera and folk-music shows were billed as the “old KLSN.”
Clark’s long-term faith in FM radio has been a driving force in local FM, and his goals for FM tend to separate him from other station operators.
He rebels at the commercialism of newer stations. He prefers the something-for everyone format, rather than a bland, single-concept.
He is content with present power as other stations make plans to increase theirs.
The only problem he hasn’t solved is how to make money in the radio business.

Original radio drama recalls atomic bomb

stredicke headerAugust 6, 1975 -Jim French dramatizes the conflict over the dropping of the first atomic bomb, in a Bicentennial special written for KVI’s Theater of the Mind. His half-hour original drama, titled “The $2 billion secret–The Story of the Atomic Bomb,” coincides with this month’s 30th anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima. The drama begins at 8:05 this evening, after the San Antonio-Seattle Sounders soccer game.
French says the drama is one of the most suspenseful radio programs he has been affiliated with. Much of the dialogue is adapted from Albert Einstein’s famous letter to Franklin Delano Roosevelt, French said.
This is the second in a series of once-a-month, history-inspired features from the prolific KVI personality.
The first was pretty much a well-kept secret, broadcast July 4.
Next month’s original historical drama will deal with the travels of Lewis and Clark.

August 11, 1975

SportsLine makes itself public all this week, originating from South Center Mall.
The nightly two-hour talk session is moderated by Wayne Cody. This is your chance to see what Wayne Cody really looks like–unless you’d rather stay at home Saturday for a new once-a-week peak on the Channel 7 news. Cody’s scheduled guests this evening at 7 PM on KIRO are Tommy Howard and John best. Other drop-in guests are likely.

August 12, 1975

KVI will carry the first of the NASL playoff games at 7:30 this evening as the Seattle Sounders go against the Portland Timbers.
Bob Robertson, as usual, will call the game for radio listeners. Television play-by-play will be Bruce King and Cliff McGrath.

Network feature returns

81575The return program in NBC’s series, Second Sunday, will be inserted into this weekend schedule on KIRO. The program airs on the third Sunday of the month instead of its titular promise. Airtime will be 8:05 PM Sunday.
The topic is “The Trouble at Pine Ridge,” an examination of problems at the Pine Ridge Sioux Indian reservation in South Dakota.

Twisting the dial

Elved Parry’s usual Sunday morning excursion into the past, playing only 78 RPM records, has been dropped at KRAB. Parry filed for a position on the Tacoma City Council, and that raised a potential “equal-time” provision… Norm Flint, from Portland, has replaced Tracy Allee in the evening shift on KZOK… KASB’s summer hours are from 6 AM to 4:30 p.m. weekdays… All programming on KTOY this month is beamed at black residents of Tacoma’s Hilltop area.

5:30 p.m. (KXA): Symphony #2 (Mahler).
7:00 Theater of the Mind (KVI): Crisis episode about troubles along a high-speed rail transcontinental transport system in the year 2046. Also, Wild Bill Hickok, old-radio series.
Classics (KING FM): Piano Concerto #5 (Tcherepnin).
10:00 Soviet Music (KUOW): Weekly music feature from Radio Moscow. Profiles of the Bolshoi Theater and a report on the group’s American tour.
CBS Mystery Theater (KIXI): A woman whose husband is killed by a hit-and-run driver seeks revenge with the help of a fortune-teller.
Midnight Album Hour (KISW): Thin Lizzie, English group. (Rescheduled.)

KETO freshens up album sound