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Actually, we have spent most of the day just updating the AIR STAFF list with new info supplied by BRIAN LORD. This info, in part, is listed below. Check the AIR STAFF section of the blog for complete listings as we have them to date. There is still more info Brian has submitted we have yet to post! [Thanks Brian!]

Jim Dai (Day) now is on the air afternoon at KOZI, Chelan
Jim Fenwick (Jim Pierson) left KOL and went back to Portland radio
Frank Shiers got fired from KIRO in Feb 2011 and then filled-in for his replacement John Curley.
Gary Crawford is working at KPLU and works at Topo Swope Talent
Gary Todd retired from WIBC in Indianapolis, Indiana in 1988. Later, in 2007 joined Seaview Radio in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. He is no longer there.
Gene Collins (Dr. Gene Huber Hostetter) left radio and became a professor in California. He died on July 30, 1988.
George Fisher left radio in 2004 to work in corporate retail.
Lee Knudsen died in 1999.
George Garrett (George Ure) resigned as news director of KMPS in 1983. From his bio on George Noory’s website: George Ure was a news director in Seattle from 1970 to 1983. He holds a Masters in Business Administration with a focus on long wave economics. He is a co-holder on four patents related to battery state of charge instrumentation and has a patent pending on measuring user-friendliness of enterprise software. He’s been Senior Vice President of an international airline, a vocational school president, and has just wrapped up a two-year sales & marketing assignment for a major software company. His web site, urbansurvival.com focuses on long wave economics.
George Lester left radio in 1991 and then wrote thousands of radio commercials
Glen McCartney (Glen Martin) left radio in 1993 and became a financial planner in the Seattle area.
Grant Nielsen works at KSL in Salt Lake City.
Greg Aust (Greg Austin) left Seattle for Boston. His real name is reported to be Jim Welch and died in 2008.
Lee Hall now works for Scripps Networks in Knoxville. TN
Steve Lloyd sells real estate in Clark County, WA at Windermere
Doug Klippert (Here is what he said in an email.) He is an independent Microsoft technical trainer.
Don Chapman Woodland died March 2, 2011Hillbilly-Music.com – Don Chapman (Interesting reading)
Don Hedman left radio and worked in real estate died Dec 13, 2009.
Dori Monson is on KIRO
Double R (Rick Robertson) on the beach
Doug Taylor is now working for Seattle Pacific University
Big Ed Dunaway since 1993 has been working for the Auburn School District
Ed Evans is retired and lives in Sequim
Ellis B. Feaster is on WPOZ FM Union Park, FL
Dean Carlson has the program “Fusion” on KMTT Sundays
Dean Shephered last heard on Nightly Business Report on PBS
Del Olney left Seattle and went to Portland. No furthur info.
Dennis Kelly is the President/CEO of News Talk Concepts, Inc.
Dick Jones/Rick Knapp retired from radio after selling his station KENE, Toppenish
Dan Hemmingway (Ken Sasso) passed away in 2004
Dan Pounder is a sales associate at Sam’s Club
Dancin’ Danny Wright let go at Dial Global Dec 2008
Dave DeSoto died 6/27/2001
Dave Perry left radio in 2004 and is concentrating on voice work
Chuck Knopf last reported in 2008 he was doing fill-in work at KPAM AM, Portland
Colleen Patrick Colleen Patrick – voice talent
Dale Starkey out of radio in 1982. He still does commercial announcing and writes fiction and screenplays at his home in Carmel, CA
Add Bill Gardner to KING. Here is what he sent me in an email:
Hi Brian..
Do I know you?
Whether I do or don’t you’re correct! I was the afternoon, (3-7PM) guy from late 1971 to early 1973. I’ve still got a picture of that great old studio with the turntables mounted in sand for stability.
I left KING-AM to go to San Diego and work for Jack McCoy at the legendary KCBQ-AM San Diego as morning drive guy.
By the way, virtually the whole list of where I’ve been is at my website, under “resume.”
Bill Gardner http://www.billgardnerontheradio.com/
His resume didn’t have KING on it that is why I sent him an email.
*********************** more to come

China Smith airchecks KING 1100

China Smith KING 1090 Passed away August 2005 of heart attack. Real name Thomas Rorabacher. These airchecks were submitted by “Timmy”. Great memories for those who listened to China Smith on KING the BIG 1100.

On first aircheck, China mentions Gary Mitchell/Al Vanik, calling him “Seattle’s Most Respected Disc Jockey”

Was China Smith “Seattle’s Hippest Disc Jockey?” China Smith promotes an appearance by Bob Shannon, Gary Mitchell and Buzz Barr at a White Front store on Aurora Avenue and you’ll also hear Jaye P. Morgan sing “A Song For You” Jaye P. Morgan…Rock & Roll. These airchecks are from 1971.

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