FM KVI becomes K-PLUS

radio notes_smThere’s one more radio name to remember, but KVI FM is trying to make it easy as possible.
From now on, the Golden West Broadcasters first FM station is to be known as K-Plus. But the Federal Communications Commission makes ’em spell it KPLZ.
Since the station calls its 101.5 dial position “101 Plus” it’s easy to see where the name comes from.
Todd Bitts, KPLZ station manager, said he’s received some criticism.
“They say I’ve got to be crazy to give up the KVI call letters. But KVI and the FM KVI seemed to add to listener confusion.
“It was nice to have a big brother to help us at first, but now we are a competitor to KVI AM as much as any other station in town,” Bitts said.

An odd memory from my twisted brain

World Famous when he was Tiger Tom Murphy at KISN It is unlikely that anyone will recall this moment in local TV greatness, but I will share it, as it rattles around in my brain and makes me giggle.
Back in the day, KTVW 13 had a talent show called “Stairway To Stardom.” It aired on Wednesday night, at 8. It was judged by local celebrities, however many would agree to appear on Channel 13 – gratis, I’m certain.
Tom Murphy sheepishly joked that he would be appearing as a judge on an upcoming episode. Being the nerdish radio fan that I was, I circled my TV Guide for Wednesday at 8.
There he was, through the grainy, black and white haze that was the Channel 13 picture, you could see Tom Murphy – slouching down, head barely visible above the table. I wonder if he was forced to appear for publicity sake.
KJR didn’t need that. Murphy didn’t need it. And Murphy was obviously less than excited to be there. I understood the reason behind his posture. I was about 11 years old, but I got it.

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