Instant repeat for drama

February 22, 1974/Victor Stredicke–”We want our cake and eat it too,” Gil Jacobsen said. The confection attracting attention from the KIXI general manager is the nightly CBS Radio Mystery Theater.
Beginning Monday, the 52-minute radio drama will be split between the AM and FM bands. The program will continue at 10:07 PM nightly on KIXI AM, but will be held over to 11:07 PM on KIXI FM.
Jacobson said he made the decision while talking with a cable-television system in Chilliwack, British Columbia. The weather channel viewers wanted music, not drama with their thermometers.
“First we got letters when we aired the drama on KIXI AM only,” Jacobson recalled. “When we added it to KIXI FM we got much praise, but some complaints.
“FM listeners seem much more vocal about their listening habits. Homemakers and storekeepers, among others, want music at 10 o’clock.”
The move gives drama fans a second chance at the night’s episode and offers an escape from TV news.

After a job-search-motorcycle scramble as far away as Huntsville, Alabama, John Dayle is due back on the air. Beginning Monday, the bombastic talk-show moderator takes the 7:30 to 10 AM shift at KURB, Mountlake Terrace. Dayle is followed at 10 AM by Jan Davis, and Dick Stokke moves to 2 PM. Peter Christianson gets bumped.

Helicopter reports for fishermen, Boat races of all kinds

April 14, 1978–Victor Stredicke–Bill Davis goes up in the KIRO ‘kopter this weekend to help the fishermen. Reports on traffic flow, boat saturation and fishing results will be funneled through Davis as he hovers over King County highways and lakes for the opening day of fishing season.
Excursions over major lakes in Snohomish, Island and Kitsap counties are also planned. Five scheduled reports will be heard Saturday and Sunday on KIRO.
Summaries will also be featured on Outdoor Line, at 6 PM Saturday and Sunday, with Chuck Swirsky.

July 22, 1978–
Reports from the Sixth International Milk Carton Boat Race at Greenlake today will be heard throughout the day on KXA, including the final heat at approximately 4 PM. KVI will add coverage of the Mariners doubleheader Monday, making almost 7 hours of baseball, beginning at 2 PM.
A repeat of the Nathaniel Rosen concert will be broadcast at 2:30 p.m. Sunday on KUOW, preempting the usual Performance Northwest. The cellist who won a gold medal in Tchaikovsky competition in Moscow on July 4 includes the prize-winning selections in the program.

missbudAugust 5, 1978
Four radio stations will broadcast the Seafair trophy race tomorrow. Initially only KYYX was to come to the lakeside listeners’ rescue, as it did last year, broadcasting the race en toto in stereo FM. But this year, KIRO will offer heat reports and a live broadcast of the final heat.
Now along come KING-AM, and KJR, who long ago abandoned live coverage of any sporting, or civic event, with unexpectedly strong plans to cover the race all day. Could it be that renaming the race The Squire Shop Seafair Regatta has somehow changed radio-audience demographics?

Executive changes

July 2, 1978/Victor Stredicke–Jack Spencer, former news director of KVI, will return to the air mid-July, as news editor of KIXI AM and FM. (News editor is the more precise name at KIXI for the job other radio stations call news director)… Mike Tipton, short-term news editor at KIXI, has resigned… Bob Bingham, long-time manager of KISW, jumped stations. This month, investing in KYYX and becoming general manager there… Harry Caraco, sales manager of KXL AM & FM, Kaye-Smith radio sister station in Portland, has returned to Seattle as new manager of KISW.


Favorite HusbandHere, in cartoon form, an episode of “My Favorite Husband” which originally aired December 16, 1949 on radio. The series starred Lucille Ball as Liz and Richard Denning as George. In this episode, Liz sneaks a peek at a Christmas present George was keeping in the hall closet.
This colorful animation presentation includes the soundtrack of the original radio presentation.