While driving through Roy, WA., on my way to the great metropolis of Yelm, WA., I passed by the church that is the home for KWFJ FM. The station broadcasts the programming of the Bible Broadcast Network and is also heard in Tacoma on 91.7 KYFQ FM.

Don’t Pin The Meter

Give_A_FkAfter 32 years in broadcast, beginning at Ellwood Lippincott’s KISW, with a home made audio board and home made phono preamps it still was real radio with a human on the air, same at Market Casters (KMCS-FM). My next move was to KIRO AM-FM to do audio production work and the segued to KIRO-TV when we had real people doing all the jobs. Imagine trying to do the JP Patches Show with automated everything. No more now, for the most part, So, this cartoon I saw this morning hit me, spot on.

Duane Smart

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