Updates – Karl ‘Bud’ Moegling

Brian Lord updates info on Karl “Bud” Moegling —
Bud today…performing in Eastern Washington, traditional Flamenco guitar with Moorish roots, Neo Spanish Flamenco … also involved in churches and ministries that began and/or played a significant role in the hippie revival of the late 1960s and early 1970s, otherwise called the Jesus People Movement …
Bud, the poet, was mentioned in an earlier post ‘Four FM stations modify formats’

Steve Michaels @ KOL; Weekend Air Staff Updates

The article is from April 1970.
Steve Michaels left KOL (at the time working the all-nighter) for KTAC-AM/Tacoma in August 1970. KTAC morning personality J.J. Valley had left for KPOK/Portland. Michaels will change his name to J. Steven Michaels. That, because there are already too many ‘Steves’ at KTAC.

added Steve Norby to KISW list

More AIR STAFF updates… Brian Lord received a note from:
Alan Stuart [KZAM]

On Air As DJ Alan: 2004-Current at Spunk FM 101.9 FM Seattle. Owner of
Seattle pirate radio station Spunk FM and spunkfm.com

On Air as Alan Stuart: 1990-1991 at KJR 950 AM (DJ and production), andKORK/Las Vegas,
from 1981-1988 at KZAM/KJZZ/KLSY 92.5 FM/1540 AM (DJ, production, AM
Operations Director, Assistant FM Music Director).

On Air as Alan Larsen: 1979 at KORK 920 AM Las Vegas (‘High School Report’
during Walt Reno Morning Show… ‘back in the day’).


And, remember this?
On Memorial Day weekend 1971, the KJR Memorial 1000 featured ALL the greatest hits. These included tunes from Glenn Miller, the Dorsey Brothers and Doris Day.

Brian Lord: KUDE, KQDE, KUDY [Cutie Radio] and other Air Staff updates

Added to the AIR STAFF info: Ray Golden was KAYO/PD and announcer [from Stockton, CA] in Jan, 1960. By Feb, 1961 he left to be General Manager of KPON, Anderson, CA. By 1962 he was back as PD of KSTN.
From the pages of Broadcast Magazine.

BOB SALTER was at KENO, Las Vegas in June 1959
left KVI for KAYO in 1960
in 1961 was at Burley, ID at KATN
in 1964 was at KYME. Boise as music director
in 1967 he was GM of KATN
in 1968 he was commercial mgr and news director at KATN
in 1969 he was again GM of KATN
in 1971-73 he was news director of KATN

…In Seattle, we first hear Bob Salter on KJR in 1953 — his last gig here was at KAYO, ending in 1961

From the Jan 12th, 1959 edition of Broadcast Magazine.

BILL HARPEL, former owner of KXLE Ellensburg. Wash., to’ KQDE as part owner and operations manager.

GEORGE HAYES, formerly DJ of KUDE to KQDE as program director.

Note! George Hayes was the afternoon radio personality. Bob Carmichael replaced Hayes as PD later in 1959. Bob Carmichael continued at 910 AM as KUDY/PD and morning radio personality [Carmichael came from KREM/Spokane. He was PD after KQDE/KUDY became KIXI in 1963
****The trail ends there on Hayes info

This news story from 1968 on Bill Harpel:
Willis R. (Bill) Harpel 1/13/68 Snowmachiner, Crash

Outing Fatal To Bill Harpel, Snowmobile Accident Claims KHAR Owner
Times 1/15/68

It was clear and cold and beautiful – about 10 degrees below zero and shortly before three o’clock in the afternoon – when Bill Harpel died Saturday as his snowmobile plunged off a trail near Mt. Alyeska and struck a tree.

Funeral services for the 46-year-old broadcasting executive, owner of KHAR AM-FM and TV, will be held at 10:30 a.m. Wednesday at the Anchorage Funeral Chapel.

Harpel was the first person in the Anchorage area to suffer fatal injuries in a snowmobile accident. Earlier, two other fatalities had been reported in the state from mishaps occurring on snow machines.

An avid snowmobile enthusiast and recognized as one of Alaska’s leading broadcasters, Harpel died seven years and one week after he first put KHAR radio on the air in Anchorage on Jan. 7, 1961.

In the intervening years, Harpel built “Heart Radio” into a broadcasting operation that had a great impact on listening habits in the Anchorage area.

Starting from a trailer studio on the Seward Highway, Harpel built his station into a leading broadcast operation that saw FM added on Dec. 22,1966, and television added on Channel 13 last Oct. 31.

Harpel’s last day of a life that began June 28, 1921, in Clear Lake, S.D., was the outdoors that he loved.

Accompanied by Larry Weatherman, public relations and advertising manager for the National Bank of Alaska and one of Harpel’s closest friends, the broadcaster was on a snowmobile outing up the long trail toward Crow Creek mine.

“We were almost to the top, up where you can look over and see Whittier,” said Weatherman, “when we decided to come back. The snow really was too deep.

“Bill was driving his big racing machine with a new motor, and was running well ahead of me. He would stop, look back, and see that I was all right, and then go on again.

“Back down the trail was hard packed and rough. He must have hit a bump and sailed. There weren’t any tracks off the trail.”

Weatherman passed the point where Harpel’s machine left the trail – without at that time noticing anything amiss.

It was later when he doubled back, not finding Harpel ahead, that Weatherman noticed his friend off the trail, the snow mobile smashed.

“It was exactly 3:04 p.m. when I found him,” Weatherman said. “It was clear and cold and beautiful at the time. Bill must have plunged off the trail a little before three o’clock. When I got there, there wasn’t anything I could do to revive him.”

Harpel’s two sons, Craig, 11-1/2 and Curt, 8, were at the Alyeska Lodge with friends, awaiting their father’s return. Friends drove them back to Anchorage.

Harpel competed in last year’s inaugural race and was a leading promoter of the event. He held entry ticket No. 1 in this year’s race.

Elmer Brisbois, president of, the Anchorage Motor Mushers Club, sponsor of the race said today the club would retain the. No. 1 spot in the race for Harpel and might retire the number in honor of his memory in future races.

Brisbois said the race committee would meet Tuesday night to consider a proposal that the race be named after Harpel.

“He had been enthusiastic about snowmobiles from the first day he ever heard of them,” Weatherman said.

At the time of his death, Weatherman said, Harpel was not wearing a protective helmet. “We had on face masks and down suits, but no gear to take a blow in case of a serious accident.”

Harpel began his radio career in the early 1940s in Anchorage with KFQD.

ROBERT WALDRON, program director of KISW (FM) Seattle, appointed general manager. –July 1953
Later, we see Waldron moving to KOL.

Bill Shela went to KOL from KJR. (announced in Broadcasting Magazine Mar 22,1954)

From Broadcasting Magazine on 4/9/62:

KLOQ Yakima, Wash—Seeks transfer of 50% of all stock in Yakima Bcstg. Corp. from William E. Shela to Virginia S. Richardson; consideration $20,517. Mrs. Richardson and her husband own crop dusting and flying businesses

Updated KAYO to include Bill Shela

Ted Bryant, former KJR newsman and KING TV newsman died Nov. 20, 2003 at age 74 in Portland. KOIN AM/FM/TV News Director. KOAP-FM News Director.

Brian Lord updates the Air Staff list

Jill Kenly works for Habitat For Humanity in Tacoma.

John Hinterberger, The Seattle Times Food Critic is now retired.

John Mangan GM/PD of KVTI FM was cut loose during budget cuts in June 2010

John Maynard works at KPLU FM.

John Murphy (Emmett Allen Jones III) produces and directs TV specials and DVD documentary features

John Napier reported to have last worked at KZOK in 1998.

John Nelson is a traffic reporter for Clear Channel and a freelance voice talent.

John Nixon is at Movin’ 92.5 as the production director

John Posey is National Sales Manager for Lamiglas

John Ross (John R. Prukop) left radio in April, 1989, became a commercial airline pilot and then retired in 1991.

John Sebastian now lives in Phoenix, AZ and is starting up a new consulting group called “Sebastian Secret Sauce”.

John Trimble Here is his bio Big John Trimble’s East Coast Opry BigJohn Trimble.com

Jon Ballard now with WVRK, Columbus, GA

Jon Ballard see link on Air Staff page

Jon Jensen last at KWHT/KTEL Walla Walla is now “on the beach” as of April 2011.

Jon Kertzer has moved to Edmonton, Alberta, CA to direct the “folkwaysAlive! Project”.

Joni Balter is on the Seattle Times Editorial Board

Jordin Silver is “on the beach”.

2 AM Updates – 7/22/11

A couple of quick updates to mention.

Thanks to Victor Stredicke for the recent post, giving us the answer to “What Ever Happened To…Tracy Steel?” Tracy was a friend of mine, we worked at KRPM when that station was owned by Ray & Cheri Courtmanche. Unfortunately, I lost touch with Tracy and only now, through Victor’s info, discover that Tracy passed away many years ago. Not a total shock, as I was aware Tracy had had at least one stroke and may have suffered from depression. But, very unfortunate, he was a talented fellow, a crazy sense of humor, and honest to a fault. He was only 48 when he died in 1991. Read Victor Stredicke’s column here.

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