Red Letter Days – KQIN & KDFL

Mark your calendar! The week of October 23rd – October 30 marks the 41st anniversary of the first broadcasts of 800 KQIN – Burien’s first radio station. The station’s format was Golden Oldies with Brian Calkins, [former partner in KDFL/Sumner], in morning drive and Mike Moran, afternoon DJ. John Mowbray & Chris Wedes were owners.

Speaking of Brian Calkins, DJ at 1150 KAYO back in the day, he and the rest of the 1560 KDFL staff celebrated the 3rd anniversary of the Sumner station with Guy Lombardo music all-day. [October 21, 1968]

KDFL changed format to Religion and adult contemporary/MOR music, and in 1974 returned to the Big Band/Swing-era sound with their “Vintage Radio” format, all music played from the original 78 rpm vinyl discs. Program Director was Bill West. After a few years, the station switched to a mix of religious programs and contemporary music.

In 1980, KDFL was purchsed by a group of investors – Southsound Communications, which included Seattle attorney Martin Durkan and TV talk show/late night movie host Bob Corcoran. The station [KFWY] switched to a talk show/news format with some Big Band music and brokered programming. Don Carroll was News Director at KFWY.

Guy Lombardo