Broadcaster’s wife shot – D.A. calls timeout on DJ’s career

Harvey Miller — 36-year-old air personality known as “Humble Harve” on KHJ Los Angeles, has been named in a murder complaint issued by the city district attorney’s office in the shooting death of his wife ten days ago (May 7 1971). Police say Gladys Miller, 35, was found shot to death in the couple’s Hollywood home about 8:30 a.m. [1971]

After his release from prison, Harvey Miller continued his career in radio with a stint at KKDJ, Los Angeles [1974] and KIIS 1974, KUTE Los Angeles 1980, KRLA 1981, WFIL 1985, KVI 1986-1989, KRTH 1991, KCBS-FM 1991 and KZLA 1996