Robert O. Smith [audio/video]


Two cuts on this video:
A. Sleepy Stonewell’s Brotherhood Boogie – Thorndike Pickledish [side one]

B. Excerpt: Robert O. Smut – Thorndike Pickledish Pacifist Choir [side two]

Pay no attention to the skipping 45 rpm disc on the second portion of the video. So often, vinyl discs, would wear out and stick, skip or crack. Either way, the sound was not affected and no animals were harmed in the making of the video.

Robert O. Smith, zany man of a thousand voices, died of pancreatic and liver cancer in 2010. Smith worked at KSND, KJR, KOL, KTAC, KVI, KIXI FM and CFMI. He recorded several novelty tunes, including “Walter Wart, the Freaky Frog” and “DJ At The End of The World.”
As a teenager, I hung around the KTAC studios and, on occasion, visited Robert O. there. He was kind to the goofy kid that stared through the window and after a couple visits, he told me to come back to pick up a couple novelty records later one week. We talked at length and he was open about his opinion of radio, career, and life in general — among other things. Topics changed like a cartoon bullet richocheting wall to ceiling around a room. Robert O. Smith was real, honest and kind. He ended up giving me a cardboard box with his novelty records, tapes and strange drawings. Years later, Robert O. was kind enough to critique some of my airchecks during the early part of my broadcast career. The few times that I visited with or corresponded with Robert O. Smith were a real treat. [JR-]

Walter Wart – The Freaky Frog Parts 1 & 2

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