The Disc Jockey Rosary

With yet another legendary radio signal lost to a heartless corporate entity — this time, KGY to Sacred Heart Radio, I present this Disc Jockey Rosary. We can all recite this in hopes that someday, someone with big bucks and … Continue reading

Seattle – Stairway to Stardom

LARRY LUJACK left KJR in 1967… JERRY KAY left KJR for a gig in San Francisco, and then Chicago, back to KJR, and then back to Chicago in 1967… MIKE PHILLIPS left KJR in 1969… BWANA JOHNNY was at KJR … Continue reading

Looking Back: 2004

JANUARY KGHO AM 920 Olympia license assigned [from] Spencer Broadcasting LP to KITZ Radio Inc. [$300,000 sale price] It Was All Just Rock-’n’-Roll II: A Return to the Center of the Radio & Concert Universe by legendary Seattle DJ Pat … Continue reading